Your Freudian Slip Is Showing

As you all know, I’ve been keeping company with the attorney off and on over that past couple of months. This past weekend I helped him put up some shelves in his garage. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a date, but I just enjoy being around him. And I think he enjoys being around me.

Plus, we have been having a string of beautiful, warm, sunny days in East Tennessee the last week or so. He was in shorts, so it gave me a chance to oogle his legs. Next to the ass, I am a leg man (then chest). He runs several times a week, so he’s got really shapely legs and they are impossibly long. They go practically up to his neck. It’s interesting that he and I are similar in basic build (tall and lean), but his height is more in his legs and mine is more in my torso. (He also is taller and a bit more filled out than me, particularly in the chest. And neither of us has any hips or much ass to speak of. (Good thing he’s got that chest! ;-) )

Anyway, we’re working along and talking and laughing. One of the things I like about him is that he likes to joke. So do I. But sometimes jokes don’t always come out the way you intended.

He was talking about cars he has been looking at. In fact, we went on a test drive of one a couple of weeks ago. The one I rode in and the others he is considering are all kind of in the luxury sports car category. So I made a joke about him going through a mid-life crisis. I topped it off with, “look at you with your expensive cars and a younger boyfriend.”

I couldn’t close my mouth fast enough to stop it. The bull was out of the pen.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at me. “So, you’re my boyfriend, huh?”

After all that talk last week about the boyfriend label, I guess it was in my subconscious. I stumble and stammered, trying to talk my way around it. But I just ended up tripping over my tongue as I tried to adjust my Freudian slip. Boy, did I put my foot in my mouth. The whole fourteen.

He just grinned. Grinned like it was his birthday. He’s got a dimple in his chin, and it’s funny to watch it spread sideways when he grins. He just grinned and went back to his work.

Nothing else was said about it the rest of the afternoon. I guess there was no need. Because still, it is what it is. And it’s nice.

18 Responses to “Your Freudian Slip Is Showing”

  1. Doug Says:

    Freudian slip and all, you’re still just too damn cute and loveable!

  2. CHROME Says:

    Yes, it is what it is. Nonetheless, He grinned because he knows and he’s ok with it. You say it’s nice cause you also know and you’re ok with it, on one level or another.

    I’m grinning ’cause I’m just glad for you both.

  3. Synrgy Says:

    Things have a way of sorting themselves out… Thats good stuff

  4. Jay Says:

    Yeah, you’ve got a boyfriend. Let us know when it’s official. ;-)

  5. Bob TuYu Says:

    You say the nicest things whenever you slip.
    I think his smile said it all.

  6. brian Says:

    Aw shucks!

  7. tank Says:

    i have the biggest grin on my face right now.. from the ‘leg man’ all the way to ‘it is what it is’ my man, this makes me grin from ear to ear, for all the best reasons.. thank god for freud and his ideas…

  8. BewilderedofLondon Says:

    That’s SOOOOOOO romantic!
    You great big fluffy thing you.

  9. Brenton Says:

    WOO HOO… Tony and the Attorney sitting in a tree!
    that’s so cute.

  10. sue Says:

    I am grinning too. That is so sweet. You guys are boyfriends!!!

  11. Cooper Says:

    I think sometimes what you really desire comes out in those little slips. I’m sure the attorney has been grinning to himself ever since. It WAS his birthday. :)

  12. chris Says:

    someones got a boyfriend! im jealous!

  13. TonkaManOR Says:

    Ok, I think that’s hot! Sounds like you guys are on the same wavelength. Good!

  14. HB Says:

    Aww how cute! I guess now you know he wants you like that :)

  15. Blobby Says:

    whatta know. a sinkhole didn’t open up and swallow you.

    ….and don’t go making any dirty comments about my comment.

  16. Jack Hampster Says:

    I have this friend that called me up and asked me to lunch – she said “I’m really interested in this guy and I think he is interested in me, What should I do?” I told her to “just let it be”, if he was interested that way it would work itself out.

    They are married now… and have babies… you’re on the right track

  17. Chris Says:

    Maybe you were just kidding him about the “expensive cars and the younger boyfriend” remark”. He does not know. But he does know, you know he knows, and that is what is important.
    I just feel sad for Jake.

  18. Another Tony Says:

    Haven’t been following this for a while and just happened on this post. All I can say is – finally and congratulations!