Monkey Gone


Look. It’s gone. The monkey is finally off Peyton Manning’s back. Arguably he was the greatest college quarterback ever, and is one of the greatest ever in the NFL. Especially of you look at his stats (I mean football stats, not AOL stats). He is easily the most highly visible player in the game today considering you can’t watch TV for more that 15 minutes or open a magazine without seeing him endorsing some product.

But even with all his skills and popularity, his detractors could never let go of the fact that Peyton could never win “the big game.” It’s something that’s haunted him since college. The say he was denied the Heisman trophy because he never beat Florida in his four years at Tennessee. (And if you’ve spent any time around this blog, TN vs. FL is always the big game.) Sure, he won a conference championship while at Tennessee, but the Vols won a national championship the year after he graduated.

Ever since, he has been leading the Indianapolis Colt.  Racking up records and leading them nowhere.  Until now.  Actually Peyton conquered the big game monkey (in my opinion) two weeks ago when the Colts beat the Patriots for the AFC title.  That win finally shut a lot of people up, but there were still those who were saying, “Sure…but he can’t win the Superbowl.”

But now he has.  The Colts took care of the Chicago Bears 29-17.  (For lovers of irony, it turns out that the bears quarterback Rex Grossman played his college years at Florida.  Even though he and Peyton never faced off in college-Peyton is a few years older–someone remarked that finally someone from Tennessee beat someone from Florida).

It was an evening of firsts.  The first Superbowl with two African-American coaches facing off. The first Superbowl played in the rain.  And the first Superbowl ring for Peyton Manning.  Here’s to it not being his last.

11 Responses to “Monkey Gone”

  1. DWQ Online Says:

    Go Peyton. I had the Super Bowl on last night but honestly couldn’t have told you who won. LOL

  2. sue Says:

    Yeah for Peyton and the Vols!

  3. Doug Says:

    Congrats to you Tony (& Peyton too)! The rain made for an interesting game but regardless, Peyton and the Colts came out on top where they belong. ENJOY!

  4. Nicholas Ajax Stamos Says:

    So what are the chances you’ve been singing Rocky Top all Morning long? :)

  5. David Says:

    Tony, I think Peyton Manning was robbed of the Heismann Trophy because of his deciding to play his senior year at Tenn. instead of entering the NFL draft early. The sports reporters who vote on the Heismann had made such a huge “thing” of whether he would leave Tenn. early that his announcement was actually carried live on CNN. I’m sure that every one of them had already written a long impassioned sports column about what a terrible sportman and human being he was, so when they had to throw that column away, they never forgave Peyton for doing the right thing, and trying his damndest to get a National Championship for Tennessee the next year. Just look at how much attention was directed at Peyton by those same sportscasters and writers the next year when Tennessee did win it. It gave them a topic for weeks to write about. I fully expect them to start picking at his MVP award in a couple of days.

  6. brian Says:

    The best part of the Super Bowl coverage for me was a home video of Peyton in a dance performance in middle school. How great for him to step outside of his “comfort” zone and attempt something new. His father was supportive and rightfully proud. He also is a very attractive man IMHO. Kudos to Peyton! Maybe he can pass some encouragement along to Eli.

  7. lexxicuss Says:

    The man’s a star and he deserved to win, but let’s not forget that Vinatieri help a little.

  8. michaelo Says:

    Living in Indy, this has been an incredible journey. I was living in New England when Brady took over for Bledsoe and that dynasty began. The AFC Champ game was my superbowl as they truly are the two best of the best current quarterbacks in many ways.

    Now, our entire city got the gorilla off our back! Now we can justify our 85 billion dollar stadium.

  9. tank Says:

    thanks for enlightening me.. i now know more about manning than i ever thought i would.. and i forgot about that ring thing.. what happens if they get two rings.. do they wear both of em?

  10. David Says:

    Tank, on talk shows I’ve heard Pro football players with multiple Superbowl rings say they always wear one (since fans always ask to see it) and keep the others in safes or safe deposit boxes. A real superbowl ring on the market could probably sell for tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the year and the player it belonged to (and if it were sold or stolen.)

  11. tommy Says:

    I find it interesting that I have no idea who Peyton Manning is. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the ballet biz for the last 30 years. Go. You might like it.